The works of Stephen Pratt


Stephen Pratt - Telling the Tale |

Telling the Tale

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Recall an event, then ‘re-tell’ it in different ways: that is the raison d’être of Stephen Pratt’s Telling the Tale.
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Stephen Pratt - Symphonies of Time and Tide |

Symphonies of Time and Tide

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Symphonies of Time and Tide was written to be performed during the composer’s 70th birthday year and is dedicated to members of the Royal Liverpool Ph...
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Stephen Pratt - Song and Dance |

Song and Dance

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Song and Dance was written for the 60th birthday of the composer’s friend and colleague James Wishart, and was first performed by Ensemble 10/10 in a ...
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Stephen Pratt - Moving On |

Moving On

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Composed between December 2014 and November 2015, Moving On developed from an initial short concert piece, written at the request of the piano duo Lau...
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Stephen Pratt - Chants du Printemps |

Chants du Printemps

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Chants du Printemps is an expanded version of a smaller work, completed in 2010, for two oboes, cor anglais, harp and percussion. The earlier piece, C...
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Stephen Pratt - Entre Nous |

Entre Nous

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Entre Nous, written for the outstanding Norwegian cellist Jonathan Aasgaard, is one of a proposed series of three related works, all featuring solo ce...
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Stephen Pratt - Uneasy Vespers II |

Uneasy Vespers II

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Uneasy Vespers for choir, soloists and orchestra. Part I of this work was commissioned for the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society's 150th anniversar...
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Stephen Pratt - Short Score |

Short Score

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Short Score was requested by and written for Mark Simpson. I have the pleasure of having been Mark’s composition teacher, and was as delighted as any...
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Stephen Pratt - Double Act |

Double Act

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Double Act has been commissioned by The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic for Ensemble 10:10 to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the first concert of the...
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Stephen Pratt - Lovebytes |


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Lovebytes was composed between June 2002 and May 2003, although the third song is a re-working of part of a setting of Adrian Henri's Harbour which wa...
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Stephen Pratt - Violin Concerto |

Violin Concerto

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I began work on my violin concerto late in 1991, shortly after the death of my father. An amateur violinist, he bought a violin in India during the se...
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Stephen Pratt - Aphrodite's Rock |

Aphrodite's Rock

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The opportunity to write a string quartet for the Chilingirians was on the table for a long time. After several false starts, the present piece was be...
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Telling the tale, for ensemble (commissioned by Psappha) ... 2019

Symphonies of Time and Tide, for orchestra (commissioned by the RLPS) ... 2018

Three Imaginary Folksongs, for clarinet and orchestra (commissioned by Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Concerts) ... 2017

Hazy, for small ensemble (commissioned by the RLPS Ensemble 10/10) ... 2017

Live Performance Audio:

At the turn of the year (recomposed), for piano ... 2016/17 (published 2017)

Live Performance Audio:

Song and Dance, for small ensemble ... 2016

Moving On, for two pianos ... 2015

Solo Uno – three pieces for solo clarinet ... 2015

Sabrina Fair, aria in the style of Handel for soprano and orchestra ... 2014

Chant du printemps, for large ensemble ... 2013

Entre Nous, violoncello solo ... 2012

Ave Maria, SATB ... 2012 (rev. 2017)

On reflection, for ensemble . . . 2011

Vecchie Letrose, partsong by Adrian Willaert, arr. for brass and percussion ... 2010

Canto di Primavera, for 2 oboes, Cor Anglais, Harp and Percussion ... 2010

...and I... became a feather, (extracted from Uneasy Vespers II ) mezzo soprano, orchestra ... 2019

Uneasy Vespers Part II, for orchestra, choir & soloists (commissioned by the RLPS for Liverpool Capital City of Culture) ... 2008

The Miraculous Mandolin, for ensemble (commissioned by Kokoro) ... 2007

Short Score, for clarinet and piano ... 2006

Double Act, for piano, cello and ensemble ... 2006

Lovebytes, for soprano and ensemble ... 2003

Judith’s Gift, for string quartet ... 2002

Aphrodite’s Rock, for string quartet ... 2001

Surroundings, for orchestra (commissioned by Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Concerts) ... 2000

Andy Musik, for piano ... 1999

Undulations and other movements, for ensemble ... 1998

4 minitudes and 33 seconds, (after John Cage) tape ... 1998

The Song within, for piano (commissioned by the Chester Festival) ... 1997

Violin Concerto, ... 1997 (rev. 2003)

About time, for saxophone and string trio ... 1994

Uneasy Vespers, Part I, for orchestra, choir and soloists (commissioned by the RLPS) ... 1987-91

With the drawing of this love, for mixed choir ... 1989 (rev. 1993)

Two studies, for chamber orchestra ... 1989

String Trio ... 1988

Strong Winds, Gentle Airs, for concert band (commissioned by Wirral Schools Concert band) ... 1987 (rev. 2009)

Nights Out, for actor / narrator and small ensemble (commissioned by the RLPS) ... 1986

Schnookered!, A mini opera in one act for 4 singers and chamber ensemble ... 1985

The Judgement of Paris, for solo clarinet/ bass clarinet and orchestra ... 1984-85

Harbour, for mezzo-sop. and ensemble ... 1981-84

The Fruits of the Ground, for horn, violin and piano ... 1980-82

Salve Regina, for mixed choir ... 1982

Between the lines, for chamber ensemble ... 1981

Some of their Number, for orchestra ... 1978-80

Winter's Fancy, for clarinet and piano (commissioned by M&S for John Fuest and Stephanie Bamford) ... 1978-79

Serenatella, for cor anglais ... 1978

Duettino, for two lutes (commissioned by Brendan McCormack) ... 1978

Star and Dead Leaves, for flute and piano (commissioned by the NFMS for Philippa Davies) ... 1977

Nonet, for wind ensemble ... 1976

Elegy/Lament, for piano ... 1975

Piano Sonata ... 1974-75

Three Early Songs (Brecht) ... 1973-74 (rev. 1989)

Three Piano Pieces ... 1971