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Stephen’s recent works are In Hope, a sextet written for Pixels Ensemble in 2021, and A Short flight across the City (2022). Both of these pieces marked particular events in Stephen’s life; the former for a celebration of fifty years of teaching Music at Liverpool Hope University, and the latter a very recent venture, which saw the Metropolitan Cathedral Orchestra partner with Liverpool Hope to form the Hope Metropolitan Orchestra. (Stephen has conducted the orchestra for the best part of 40 years of the 50 years he has worked at Hope). To date, the orchestra has given three concerts in the Great Hall at Liverpool Hope’s Creative Campus, and as well as Stephen’s new work has featured Beethoven’s first and Saint-Saens’ second symphonies, and two movements from Haydn’s The Seasons, with the Metropolitan Cathedral Cantata Choir. On Saturday 28th October, 2023, the orchestra will give the first performance of the next instalment of his Imaginary Folksongs; these are for violin and orchestra and will be performed by the orchestra’s leader, Leo Byrne.

February 2023 brought a revival of Stephen’s 2023 work Lovebytes, sung by Daniella Sicari, with Ensemble 10/10 conducted by Clark Rundell. The event, at the Tung Auditorium in Liverpool, was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Ensemble. The works heard at the concert will be broadcast on The New Music Show on BBC Radio 3 in the future.

Stephen's major new work Noting the Landscape, will have its first performance on June 19th, 2024 at The Tung Auditorium with Jack Sheen conducting.

Further details to be announced soon ...
In Hope |

In Hope

Live at the Capstone Theatre, Liverpool (28 June 2021)
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Jardin, St.Privat-des-Prés. Stephen Pratt (2021)